Frequently Asked Questions


Studio Anaykaa is a clothing brand, started in 2020 and founded by Lipsa Soni, is a ready-made clothing brand for women. Based in vadodara, Gujarat. It focuses on contemporary clothes with original Kutchi handwork to embrace the tradition and enhance the beauty of modern designer outfits.



Sometimes, it's never enough to fixated on just one thing. We tried everything in the beginning at studio anaykaa. With our experiment phase on, we did fall and we stood back up. Stronger. Getting to know our path forward with each step. Along with amazing talent with us we could finally see our goal with the brand and where we aim for in the future.

Aim to get affordable and premium products to our customers with highest quality products we can deliver and to make our customers happy.


Not shying away from experiments and learning each and every step of the way. With the designs that keep your eyes wide open and in an instance fall in love with it. Our Kutchi handwork kurtas and kurta sets are the most eye catching outfits you can get from us. We are offering a tradition in a modern and aesthetically pleasing manner.

With this Kurtas and kurta sets we are sure that you are going to get many eyes on to you which will make you feel giggle.


To be honest, in the beginning we were skeptical diving into kutchi hand work but with time it just grew on us. Like a fine wine. We are so obsessed with it now that we can't imagine any outfits without it and we are always looking for ways to add hand work in our designer outfits. It just gives a whole new dimension to the outfit and makes us look at the design in a whole different way.

What we wanted from our designer dresses is how can we make them look beautiful with just a single color. We are still trying and finding ways to make our outfits in a single color and let our designs speak for themselves. You can find these similar patterns in our many outfits.


Whatever we speak about clothes and designs, in the end it is never possible without our master to come up with ways to incorporate those designs in real life. The one and only who cuts and cuts and cuts. Without the help and artistry or I should say wizardry, it's not possible for us to achieve such a finesse and quality of our work.

Meet Dipakbhai. Proud and funny guy, who never compromises with the quality. A true gem of our studio.


Currently we stand at a very small yet super strong team of 6. But no work is done without or work force which includes our amazing artists who constantly churn out the outfits for our customers.

A very shy artist and a man of few words. Mr Rakeshbhai. His discipline and work ethics are always commendable.

An amazing artist who took all our skepticism away once she sat on that machine. Mrs. Nimishaben. A great artist.

And there we have our designer cum studio handler Ms.Radhika Sharma. She handles all the orders and helps keep the pipeline smoothly running.

We are very lucky to have such amazing talent by our side and we couldn't ask for more.



Lipsa Soni. She founded Anaykaa in 2020. By herself from home. A small idea which combined both here love of photography and clothes together and made Anaykaa a reality. With a team to lead and a studio to run, she is a string which holds everyone together.

Who owns every mistakes and never forgets to give credits where it's due.